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Workshop Information

Your Workshop Package Includes:

  • A workshop hosted by Artists Richard & Diana Moore at the J.F Kennedy Park Observation Post, featuring views of the Hauraki Gulf with Pohutukawa lined park grounds, plus a warm and inviting classroom with comfortable seating for 12 students.
  • In this beautiful setting, let the relaxing and informal atmosphere enable you take your first step of the workshop that will be drawing up your sketch. Richard and Diana will give you lots of one on one attention and will demonstrate every step of the way.  The veils of mystery that surround art making will be lifted, your drawings or paintings will be brought to life and your inner artist drawn out and nurtured under the guidance of these two experienced teachers.
  • During the day you will be taught lots of techniques, such as drawing techniques, the techniques of blending, applying layers, composition, problem solving, applying realistic detail and lots of tips that Richard & Diana have gathered or developed themselves over the past 30 years. 
  • All of your Art Materials are provided so you only need to bring your lunch.
  • Art Reference and Step by Step Instructions are provided so you can also follow up at home some of the techniques and pictures at home.
  • After the completion of the workshop you will be emailed a photo from the workshop as a memento, and other helpful attachments.
  • Build your confidence by trying something new and discovering that when you are taught the right way you can learn to do anything, not just art.
  • You will receive Morning & Afternoon Tea with a selection of biscuits including gluten free, dairy and egg free biscuits,  + regular biscuits, herbal teas, soy milk, milk, coffee and tea. There are kitchen and bathroom facilities next to the classroom.
  • There is a microwave oven and a benchtop oven available for heating food.
  • Enjoy a fun and rewarding day just for you where you will take an artwork home that will impress all of your friends and family.