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I have had no experience with art or drawing and find it even difficult drawing a stick figure!  How will the Learn to Draw lessons or Workshops benefit me?

The lessons are specifically designed to meet the needs of students like yourself.  In fact many of  our students have come to us for lessons because of our advertising "No Natural Talent Required!" slogan. All lessons and workshops are taught with step by step instructions. You are  given individual attention. We teach a special technique that enables you to build the pathway from your left side of the brain to the right.  Not everyone has this pathway when they are born, but you can develop this pathway by using our easy to learn techniques, very quickly.

Art lessons I have been to at other art school put me off as I didn't get shown how to draw anything, I was literally left on my own to work things out and then the teacher would come along to critique it.   What do you do that is different?

We work with you on an individual basis.  Both Richard and Diana circle the class, problem solving with more advanced students, and with beginners, giving them step by step instructions.  Often we will be doing the same drawing  or painting at the same time to show you how things are done. We only have 12 students at a time to ensure quality lessons.

Will I need a-lot of expensive art materials?

For the weekly drawing classes, new students need to initially allow $60 for art stationery. Occasionally you will be required to buy extra supplies, eg charcoal, paper etc. Everything is supplied for the Workshops, except your lunch.

What style do you teach?

We teach Realism. Realism is the only style of art that you can build a pathway from the Left side of the brain to the Right Side of the Brain. The Right side of the brain is your "artistic" side.  Some people are born with this pathway already established. If you are one of these people, you are very lucky. If not, you can use realism to build this pathway.  All other styles of art will not create this pathway. If you can master realism, you can master any style. Both Richard and Diana paint and draw in a variety of styles. However realism is mainly taught in the classes.

I hear you use reference. Isn't this just copying?

To build the pathway to the right side of the brain it is essential to have  reference. It is easier for a beginner to have photo reference than drawing from life. Once you have built that pathway, we will encourage you to draw from life as much as you can. After drawing a subject several times, often you will no longer need to have anything specific to draw from. But initially we highly recommend you use photographic reference. Most well known realistic artists will use some sort of reference. Our classes are there to teach you specific techniques with specific subjects with different mediums. The idea is that you then take what you have learnt and try it on different art works at home.

Do you use grids or projectors for drawing?

No we don't use grids or projectors for drawing. We teach you lots of different drawing techniques, however, we do not teach you to draw with grids. We want you to be independent with your drawing skills and to be able to draw from life when you have all the necessary skills to do so. Drawing is a dying art as so many people just trace or use grids now. These drawing classes will hopefully generate a whole new generation of people who can draw freehand.

What sort of subjects and mediums do you cover in your weekly Learn to Draw Classes?

During a year we try to cover most subjects eg: portraits, people, still life, landscapes, beach scenes, wild life, flowers, marine life. The mediums we use in the weekly classes are pencil, pen & charcoal. We teach Oil Pastel in our workshops.

I would like to join your weekly classes.  Can I just turn up when I want or do I need to book in?

You need to enrol for the weekly lessons as there are limited spaces in each class for the term.  Often you will need to be placed on a waiting list. So it pays to enrol early. Classes are booked on a term by term basis. Once you are enrolled you will automatically be booked in for the following term unless you specify otherwise. Workshops need to be booked into normally 2 months prior to the workshop, however there can sometimes still be spaces available, so just email and ask.

What areas do you teach your workshops?

We take 1-day workshops and weekend workshops in Auckland & Maungaturoto. If you are from another area and are interested in the workshops, please let us know, and when we get enough interest we will endeavour to take a workshop there.

Do you teach children?

No we only teach adults at this stage.

Do I have to do your Learn to Draw lessons before attending any of your Oil Pastel workshops?

You are always best to learn some drawing skills first. Only because it makes it easier for you to draw what you are going to paint. However, most of our beginners workshops are designed for those with no drawing experience.

Do you have discounts available if I do a few workshops with you?

At this stage we don't provide discounts for return visits. We have quality classes with small classes which  means you have 2 teachers, rather than just one, so you get lots of one on one tuition. Lots of students come to every workshop and we know you will find us to be very good value for the price.