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About Us

Richard and Diana Moore have been teaching art since 1997. Over the years they have developed a drawing program that works quickly and efficiently with those who feel they have no natural talent. It only takes a few lessons to see that anyone can draw if they have the correct tuition. Each year they develop and refine their techniques to make it simple for you to pick up drawing skills effortlessly. Richard, whom was born with natural talent, brings more than 30 years of professional art experience to share with you. Diana, having learnt from scratch brings empathy to those who are just starting out, and has worked with Richard to develop simple step by step instructions to make it easy for you as a beginner to follow. Together they bring a harmonious balance to the classes with Diana building your confidence up and once you are showing a need to advance, Richard steps in and stretches your skills to enable you to improve with each lesson.   

In a lot of art classes today, often you will be asked to draw or paint straight on to paper using the your imagination. This can be of great advantage to someone who already has the drawing skills formed, but can be very discouraging to someone who can’t draw. Richard and Diana discovered that by using reference, you can learn to observe your subjects to ensure each picture is drawn accurately and with the correct proportions. Once you have mastered the drawing skills, you then will have the confidence to draw with or without reference. However, this is a process that is taken at your own pace.

“You never stop learning with art. Every teacher will have something to add to your knowledge. These lessons will give you the confidence you need to try different styles and techniques.”